Lady Silverstone’s Darkest Hour (Audio Book)


Lady Silverstone’s Darkest Hour Audio Book Format.


Lady Silverstone’s Darkest Hour Audio Book Format.

As a young girl, Natalie Simone ran from men who tried to molest her. But it finally happened… with a woman. Refusing to allow her first sexual experience to define who she would be, Natalie Simone ran… again. As a successful young adult, Natalie Simone appeared poised, proud and confident publicly, but privately she struggled with issues of lesbianism, hate, race, poverty and pride.

Life itself caught up with her and she could no longer run from the pain of her past and the secrets that threatened to destroy her future. In the darkest hour of her life, Natalie Simone Silverstone cried out… How did I get here? What is happening to me? And where in this hell is God?

Writing as Lady Silverstone, Marion Napoleon presents the first book in a captivating real-life series based upon her personal life experiences. Darkest Hour tells how a young girl, tattered by poverty and shattered by life itself, finally faces her demons and emerges into womanhood with confidence, strength and wisdom.


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